What is the 7-Day Refund Policy?


If you have subscribed through https://dinolingo.com, you are eligible for a full refund within 7 days. 
Just send us an email within the first seven days of your subscription. 
Please add the following:
Subject: 7-DAY REFUND
Email address: (The email used when subscribing)
Subscription Date:
Language Course:

Email us here


Due to Apple/IOS Itunes refund policy, DinoLingo cannot refund any purchases made through the Appstore. Itunes do not allow developers such as DinoLingo (3rd party) to see the customer accounts or issue any refunds. You need to cancel your subscriptions on your Itunes account and for refund requests, you must contact Itunes, read here for more. 


We have not been selling or shipping physical products on our website since 2019. However, amazon.com still continues to sell the remaining Dino Lingo language sets. If you have purchased our DVD sets from amazon, please visit the Amazon website for their return policy.