Hungarian Curriculum

Our online Hungarian course for kids teaches the most common 200 words and phrases in Hungarian language. There is also an advanced section where simple conversational dialogues are presented. DinoLingo Hungarian course includes videos, games, quizzes, songs and stories. 

Hungarian Course outline:

119 Hungarian Learning Activities


Animals 1 (Sample Lesson)
Numbers lesson
Numbers Story
Numbers vocabulary
Numbers Game 1
Numbers Game 2
Numbers Game 3
Numbers Game 4
Numbers Quiz
Animals lesson 2
Colors lesson 1
Colors lesson 2
Colors Story
Colors vocabulary
Colors Game 1
Colors Game 2
Colors Game 3
Colors Game 4
Colors Quiz
What is your name?
Food lesson 1
Food lesson 2
Food Story
Food vocabulary
Food Game 1
Food Game 2
Food Game 3 
Food Game 4
Food Quiz
Animals lesson 3
Animals Story
My Day
Fruit and Vegetables:
Fruit lesson 1
Fruit lesson 2
Fruit vocabulary
Fruit Game 1
Fruit Game 2
Fruit Game 3 
Fruit Game 4
Fruit Quiz
House Items:
House lesson 1
House lesson 2
House lesson 3
House vocabulary
House Game 1
House Game 2
House Game 3 
House Game 4
House Quiz
Animals lesson 4
General Phrases
Nature lesson 1
Nature lesson 2
Nature vocabulary
Nature Game 1
Nature Game 2
Nature Game 3 
Nature Game 4
Nature Quiz
Animals lesson 5
Verbs and Actions:
Actions lesson 1
Actions lesson 2
Actions Story
Actions vocabulary
Actions Game 1
Actions Game 3
Actions Game 2
Actions Quiz
Family Members:
Family lesson
Family vocabulary
Family Game 1
Family Game 3
Family Game 2
Family Quiz
Animals lesson 6
Animals vocabulary 1
Animals vocabulary 2
Body Parts:
Body lesson
Body Parts Story
Body vocabulary
Body Game 1
Body Game 2
Body Game 3 
Body Game 4
Body Quiz
Clothing lesson 1
Clothing lesson 2
Clothing Story
Clothing vocabulary
Clothing Game 1
Clothing Game 2
Clothing Game 3 
Clothing Game 4
Clothing Quiz
Vehicles lesson
Vehicles Story
Vehicles vocabulary
Vehicles Game 1
Vehicles Game 2
Vehicles Game 3 
Vehicles Game 4
Vehicles Quiz
Animals Games:
Animals Game 1
Animals Game 2
Animals Game 3
Animals Game 4
Animals Quiz
Family members
Who are you?
What is that?
How old are you?
Where is Doby?
Where are you from?
What are you doing?
What can you do?
What do you want?
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