Online Subscription VS the App

They both have the same content, the functionality is a bit different. Either way, you can use both the website and the app to learn a new language anytime anywhere.


Mainly the app is designed for smaller children, the website is designed for kids in all ages as well as parents and teachers, etc.


The app has a "favorites" section, where you can save up to 12 videos and 10 books to be played offline later when there is no internet.


The website has two extra sections, "culture articles" and "printable material" such as worksheets and flashcards, app doesn't have those sections.


Website: We guarantee a 7-day refund policy for website subscriptions.

Itunes AppStore: You can cancel your subscriptions anytime however we do not guarantee refunds on iTunes Appstore subscriptions. Since Apple Appstore controls all the customer information, they do not allow developers to issue refunds, you need to contact apple directly for any refunds. 

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