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What is the logic?

The design logic is very straightforward. Start from the top, complete the activity and go to the next. Each time an activity is completed there will be an award.

Here is a quick tutorial:

1 - There are between 300 and 700 learning activities on each course depending on the language. The core of the program is the "Lessons" which consists of videos, games and quizzes. 

2 - After a while, weeks, months or maybe years, when your child has a sufficient knowledge of the language, please direct them to explore the books and the other actives which also can be found on the top menu. There are also 150 printable flashcards and some worksheets in the Print section. 

3 - Daily reports include the time, the score and the completion percentage. 

4 - You will notice the star icon appearing on top of each dinosaur after completing a video or a game. Each star represents the number of the repeats. It is important to collect as many stars as possible. Remember, the repetition is the key when it comes to language learning. The stars (up to 5) are also shown on top of each activity. 

5 - As soon as a lesson is completed the egg turns into a dinosaur. 

6 - If the lesson is not completed it stays as an egg and just shows the progress. 

7 - Total number of completed lessons.

8 - Click on the target image to go to the last activity.

We are always here if you need us. Please let us know if you have any problems or questions about the site or the app.

Welcome again! Good luck and enjoy the journey! 

Dinolingo Team

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