What is the difference between the new and the old DinoLingo?

  • If you have subscribed before December 22 2021, you subscribed to the old version; V2. 
  • If you have subscribed on or after December 22 2021, you have the new version; V3. 

Functionality / UX
Free Trial No Yes
Child accounts Up to 3 Up to 4
Adding a new child account 4 steps 1 step
Adding a new language course 4 steps 1 step
Changing time zone No Yes
Resetting reports No Yes
User bug reporting No Yes
Parent pin code No Yes
Lock / Unlock content option No Yes
Current lesson indicator No Yes
Background image option No Yes
Background music option No Yes
Background video option No Yes
Tests No Yes
Units No Yes
Levels No No
Worksheets pdf 15 300
Songs lyrics pdf No No
Time report No Yes
Content report No Yes
Progress reports No Yes
Test results No Yes
Daily report Yes Yes
Coins No Yes
Achievements No Yes
Dinosaurs & Stars Yes Yes
Monthly reporting No No
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