OLD SITE: How to add children?

Should I add my children?

For only one child or for small children, there is NO need to add separate accounts. Your child or children can easily use your main account to access the website or the app. They can use three different devices at the same time. 


If you have older children and want to monitor each child's progress separately, then it's beneficial to add separate accounts. Adding separate accounts for your children helps you to see who has completed which activity at what time. You can add up to 3 separate children accounts under your parent account. 

How do I add my children?

Do your children have their own email addresses? If yes please read below. If no, skip to Method 2.

Method 1

  • First login to your account on our website here.
  • Then go to My Account (in the footer) then click Sub Accounts. And copy the Signup URL in the box.
  • Option 1) Email that Signup URL link to your children. 
  • Option 2) Open an incognito window (or logout from your dinolingo account) and paste the Signup URL into your browser. 

Method 2

If your children do not have email addresses; 

Our system requires for all accounts to use email addresses, therefore you can just use "made up" email addresses for them, i.e. childnickname@dinolingo123.com

If you're having difficulty adding your children, just contact us and we will add them for you. Just provide children nicknames or names. 


How to see your child's progress:

  • Go to Student Reports (in the footer) then click on Detailed Report 

How do children use the site each time? 

1 - Go to https://wp.dinolingo.com/login

2 - Enter child's email address 

3 - Enter child's password

4 - Click on lessons (top menu)

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