iphone, ipad no sound

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Step 1: Ring and The Audio Buttons

First please check the RING switch on the side of the phone. The audio is directly tied to this Ring / Mute switch and will not play if engaged. 

Then please make sure the Audio button is up. See image below for 5 and 6. 


Step 2: Bell Icon

If that doesn't solve the problem. Please uncheck the bell icon. 

On Newer iOS models, you will need to swipe from the upper right hand corner diagonally to open the control center, there is a (red) bell icon in this menu which needs to be unchecked for the audio to work on the app. On "Silent Mode" the audio will be muted. 

You can also access to this section on your device by clicking Settings, Control Center, Customize Controls. 

Step 3

If Step 1 and 2 did not resolve the issue, we would recommend downloading the latest version of the App. Please take the following steps to remedy this issue:
1 - Delete the DinoLingo App from your Phone
2 - Go to your App Storage or App settings and delete the cache for your apps.
3 - Restart the Phone
4 - Download the new DinoLingo App   
5 - Login with your email and password
These should fix the issue.
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