What is Dinolingo Refund Policy?

  • Dinolingo is a subscription based service. All subscription plans auto-renew monthly or yearly. 
  • Dinolingo offers a 7-DAY Free Trial for all new customers. Meaning; customers will not be charged for the first 7-days. However,If the subscription is not canceled within the first week, customers will be charged on the 7th day on a recurring basis (monthly or yearly). After the 7-Day trial there will be no refunds. 
  • Dinolingo does not offer refunds for renewed, forgotten or unused subscriptions. If you haven't logged in or used the website for months or years, there will be no refunds.
  • You can cancel your subscription anytime on our website. Canceling is very easy, which takes only seconds. How to cancel your subscription: Read here
  • If you believe you have canceled your subscription in the past, please prove it by sending us the cancellation email. All customers receive an email confirmation after they cancel. No confirmation email means you did not cancel, which means no refunds. 
  • Most subscriptions are purchased on our website (not the app), if you do not see your Dinolingo subscription in your Android or Apple subscription settings, this means you purchased Dinolingo through our website and you must cancel it on our website. 
  • Due to the iTunes App Store and Google play store privacy policies, we are not allowed to cancel or refund subscriptions through the app store. Only customers can cancel their app subscriptions, If you do not see Dinolingo subscription, you must cancel it on our website, see instructions here. If you purchased your subscription on the app and wish to request a refund, you must contact Itunes, read here for more info.

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