Switching from monthly to yearly plan or vice versa


It is very common to switch between the plans. Many of our customers first try the monthly plan and after a while they want to switch to the yearly plan. This is doable. As long as you use the same email address, you will NOT lose the progress.

First step: 

Login to your account

Go to plans page

Choose your language and select the annual plan and signup. 

Second step:

Go to your account, you should see both plans now, just cancel your monthly plan.


if you have subscribed on the app store, see step 1 above. then we would recommend you to cancel your app subscription on your device. 


Website subscriptions: If you have decided to switch from monthly to yearly after a couple of days, just let us know via email and we will refund your latest transaction. However we cannot refund it if it was after 7 days, we would recommend you to wait and do the switch at the end of your subscription period. 

App subscriptions: We cannot cancel or refund your app subscriptions due to limitations. We would recommend you to use your app until the end of your period then cancel and resubscribe on our website. 

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