OLD SITE: My child has completed , finished all the lessons, eggs

At Dinolingo, the "core" of our learning experience is in our video lessons and games (which are presented as the eggs). We teach 200 words and phrases throughout those lessons. If your child has completed all of the lessons by revealing all dinosaur eggs, you can either go back to the first lesson and repeat or you can continue with the supplementary material. 

  1. If you believe your child knows all the words and phrases then please start studying the Books, Stories, Printed Material, Songs that are considered 'learning aids'. There are hundreds of language learning material within those activities.
  2. If you believe your child may not know or remember all of the words and phrases, you may want to re-start studying the lessons. Five stars (repeats) for each lesson is recommended. Remember repeating and practicing are the two most important things in language learning for children.

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