Parents w/ multiple children: Adding another child

  • All subscription plans (Monthly and Annual) already allow 4-device access at the same time by default.  
  • Monthly subscriptions: If your children are young and/or the is no need to have separate reports, the default setting is sufficient.
  • Annual subscriptions- POPULAR: Add up to three (3) users under the main parent account. @$119 per language = Less than $4 per month per child.

For this feature, each child will need their own email address.

Adding Children:

Method 1: Email the sign-up link. 

  • Go to your Account –> Subscriptions –> Sub Accounts. On the Sub-Accounts page, there is a "Signup URL" section. 
  • Copy and paste that link and email it to your children. 
  • Children signing up with this link will automatically be added to your account. 
  • They DO NOT need to enter “credit card” or “coupon code”. 

Method 2: Import a CSV file.

1 - Download sample CSV file. Or, create a CSV file on google sheets, Microsoft excel, or pages and save it on your desktop.

The fields needed for the CSV are:

  • Username (“username”)  
  • Email (“email”)  
  • First name (“first_name”) 
  • Last name (“last_name”)
  • Password ("password")

Sample CSV file:

2 - Go to your sub accounts page and click on import CSV file.

* Please make sure to tick-mark the "Send NEW members the welcome email" box

** For the password: We would recommend using only lower-case letters for the password. 

*** You can also reset a password this way by re-submitting the CSV file.

Method 3: Contact us for help.

If you are lost, please email us the names and email addresses of your children, and we will add them for you manually. 

Email Example: 

Please add my children under my account:

My children: (note: Each child needs their own email address to be added as a sub-user under parents email account)

Child 1- First name, last name, email address 

Child 2 - First name, last name, email address


1 - Go to

2 - Enter the child's email address 

3 - Enter the child's password

4 - Click on lessons (top menu)