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DinoLingo language learning program is a great tool for teachers to use in their classrooms or to introduce to homeschoolers curriculum. We work with public schools, charter schools, language schools, private schools, individual tutors, public and private institutions. 


Public Schools: If your school or district requires a vendor form to be signed, please email your vendor form or the link to [email protected]. In order to process net 30/60 payment plan we must be an approved vendor through your school or district.

W9 Form: Dino Lingo Inc. Download here.

Payment types: We accept credit, debit cards, Paypal, Bank transfer, money orders and checks.

Purchase Orders: We work with a large number of public schools and districts. We accept net 30/60 payments on all POs. If your school requires POs, please email us your PO. See below for pricing or contact us for a quote. 

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We work with Charter and Homeschooling Organizations in two ways.

1 - Group pricing: Just like schools, if you are interested in a class or a school plan that covers members under your organization, please see below for pricing or contact us for more info.

2 - Per student/family: This is how the invoice based system works: When there's a new student, the organization emails us a purchase order or purchases online directly thru our website. Please note we assign a code each organization to complete the online purchase. 

Required Fields:

a) Student's full name  (John Smith)

b) Language course (French for kids)

c) Student's or parent's email address ([email protected])

d) Price ($159 - 1 year / student)

When we receive the PO, first we create a new account for the new student and email them their login information, then we create an invoice and email it to the school or the organization. This is done within couple of hours. 

Some of our school customers

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We work with international schools. Please see below for pricing. You can sign up online via credit, debit card or paypal. We also accept wire transfers. The wire transfer usually takes couple of days. 


We still ship physical products, such as books, DVD sets, flashcard sets, poster sets etc... Visit our online store here.

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