What is the content of Dinolingo?

  • Dinolingo is an online language learning app & website for kids. 
  • Dinolingo is available in 50 languages with over 30,000 online activities.
  • Not all languages are the same, some languages have more content than others. See our language tiers here.
  • Currently we offer 70+ units in most popular 20 languages; English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Mandarin etc. Every year we add more content. 
  • Units include both online; videos, games, tests, etc, and offline activities, like worksheets, flashcards, to be printed out.
  • Not all units are the same. Some of them have more activities or longer videos or additional supplementary material. 
  • Most kids start from the first unit; "Animals 1" and continue studying in order.
  • Students have unlimited access to the content thru the website or the app anytime, anywhere.
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