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Our school portal has been used by hundreds of teachers and thousands of students across the United States and around the world as an effective language-learning tool both in classrooms and thru remote learning.

Please note, our school website is a separate portal specifically designed for teachers in mind. 

First Step: 

Get a price quote here. Enter the number of students and languages. We can provide quotes up to a million students. After requesting, you should receive your quote within 48 hours. 

Second Step: 

The second stage is the free trial period. If you like your price quote and want to give it a try, you can have 14 days to test our language learning portal. During this time you will have the full access, and can add teachers, classrooms and students, and start teaching. 

Third Step: 

In order to place an order, most schools and districts will need Dinolingo W9 form, then some schools or districts require us to fill their vendor form, we fill these forms on a daily basis. 

Last Step: 
After we provide those forms, schools / districts send us their official purchase order. As soon as we receive the PO, 
A) We extend your 14 day trial to one year, 
B) We email the invoice to the school or the district 
C) They send us the payment within 30 days. 

Our address for POs and checks: 

Dino Lingo Inc.

30 Broad St. 14TH FL. #1454

New York, NY 10004


Please download Dinolingo W9 form and send us the link to the application for the district's vendor list. Dinolingo may already be an approved vendor in your district, if not, just forward us the link and we will fill it in a timely manner. Please contact us if any questions at

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