Schools: How to add or manage new students?

How to add, remove, manage students?

This option is included with Yearly and School Subscriptions.

Go to your Account –> Subscriptions –> Sub Accounts.


Method 1

Send a mass email to all students with a sign-up link. Users signing up with this link will automatically be added under your account.

Required Info for students:

  • Their Email Address
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Password.

These users DO NOT need to enter “credit card” or “coupon code”. Please note, students will need unique email addresses during sign up.

Method 2

Import a CSV file. This method would be much quicker.

Required Info:

Email Address, Username, First Name, Last Name and Password.

** We would recommend using only lower-case letters for the password. 

*** You can also reset a password this way by re-submitting the CSV file.

How to create a CSV file: 

1 - Download sample CSV file here.

2 - Create a CSV file on google sheets or Microsoft excel or pages.

a) Save CSV file on your computer desktop.

b) Go to your sub accounts page and click on import CSV file.

c) Please make sure to tick-mark "Send NEW members the welcome email" box

The fields needed for the CSV are:

* Username (“username”)
* Email (“email”)
* First name (“first_name”)
* Last name (“last_name”)

Password ("password") ***  Optional.

If you want to set up a generic password for all your students or unique passwords for each student, you can add it here as well. See screenshot below.

Example without a password column:

Example with a password column:

Download sample CSV file here.


We have a school account but I do not see the "Student Reports".

This will appear on top menu as soon as you start adding students.