Mobile App: Quick Instructions

DinoLingo app is available free to download on both Itunes App Store and Android through Google Play store. You can use your existing online email and password to access your account. The app is synced with the website. 



  1. Main menu: Content; lessons, games, books, etc.
  2. Rewards: Dinosaurs and Stars
  3. Parents menu: Help, Sign up, Change language, etc.
  4. 4A: All Favorites 4B: Add or Remove Favorites
  5. Audio: Ring/Silent button must be on "Ring".
  6. Audio: Volume button should be up
  7. Exit: Swipe up to exit the app

If the app crashes: 

We change and update DinoLingo app frequently. If the old version of the app is not working properly, please delete the app from your device, turn off your device, turn back on and re-download the app from the app store. 

If there is no sound:

Please check the mute switch on the side of the phone/tablet. Our audio is directly tied to this mute switch and will not play if engaged. See image above. 


If this does not resolve the issue, we would recommend downloading the latest version of the App. Please take the following steps to remedy this issue:
1 - Delete the App from your Phone
2 - Go to your App Storage or App settings and delete the cache for your apps.
3 - Restart the Phone
4 - Download the new App and login
These should fix the issue.
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