What is Dinolingo and Dinolingo method?

Dinolingo is the largest and the most extensive online language learning program for children. 51 languages with 25,000 online learning activities.

With DinoLingo's award winning language lessons, books, games, stories, songs, downloadable worksheets and flashcards, it is easy and fun to learn foreign languages for toddlers, preschoolers and school-age children.

Dinolingo Method:

Dinolingo is based off of the full immersion method of learning in which there is no other language present than the target language during learning. 

Our program's core are the video lessons which feature visual representations of each word coupled with the spoken version from a native speaker. 

The visual contexts in these videos help the learner make the connection between the image and the spoken word. These videos are found on the "Lessons" page. 

After viewing the video lesson and retaining the words, it is best to use the support material (games, books, quizzes, etc) as an aid to reinforce what was just learned. 

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About the company:

Dino Lingo┬« is developed, produced and distributed by Dino Lingo Inc. located in New York City. Dino Lingo Inc. is an edtech company dedicated to helping deliver the best foreign language education to children using the latest technology. 

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