Dino Lingo Inc. The company

Dino Lingo Inc.

Dino Lingo® is developed, produced and distributed by Dino Lingo Inc. located in Ft. Myers, Florida with a New York City office. Dino Lingo Inc. is an edtech company dedicated to helping deliver the best foreign language education to children using the latest technology. 

Our customers are grouped in five different areas, homes 60%, schools 25%, libraries 10%, institutions and/or government offices 5%. 

Our team is quite large, and our team members mostly work from their homes remotely. From language teachers to video editors to software developers, we work with 600+ contributors worldwide. 

Founded in 2010, the company has been growing steadily by adopting technical changes in the education industry each year.  

HISTORY: Timeline

January 2010

A hopeless search to find a good language learning course for a 4-year old sparks off the idea for DinoLingo.

May 1st 2010

It's official. We rent a small office in Fort Myers, FL (USA) and start working on the prototype of a fun language program for children.

August 2011

After 15 months of hard work, our first language learning program which happens to be Polish (Polski) is released. Couple of hours later, a customer orders it. Hooray...

September 2012

We release our 10th language course. 

July 2013

We receive Mom's Best and Dr. Toy Awards. We release our 34th language course.

June 2014

We release the first version of online membership website and start working on mobile video apps. 

May 2015

We received VenturePitch Audience and Investor award in SWFL. All the while, going full speed creating new content and adding new games, videos and songs each month. We now work with 500+ content creators and contractors. 

April 2016

We launch the world's largest online children's language learning book library; 10,000+ illustrated language books with translation option for kids. 

June 2017

We open a new office in New York City. The future is here. We start digitizing all content that we have created in the past. 

August 2018

We launch our new online membership website and mobile apps with the new digitized content.  

September 2019

We start working on level 2 content. We will release at the end of 2020.