How to switch to the new site?

  • Subscribed before December 2021? You have an account on the old site Login here
  • Subscribed after December 2021? You have an account on the new site Login here

1- Should I switch to the new site?

Switching is optional. In fact if you have younger kids, you may want to stay on the old site, the new site has more activities for children who can read or learning to read. 

  • The new site has only iTunes app. The Android app will be released in May 2022. Click here to see the differences between both websites.

2- How can I switch to the new site? 


  1. First, subscribe on the new site here
  2. Then cancel your old subscription here
  3. Your old subscription will expire automatically at the end of your period. No need to email us. 


  1. First, create a new account here. (Complete Step 1 only, do not enter Step 2; your payment info)
  2. Then email us. We will transfer your remaining months from the old subscription to the new account.
  3. Email subject: Switch to the new site. To:
  4. You subscription will expire on your the expiration date, if you need to continue, please re-subscribe on the new site. 

Visit How to subscribe to the new site.

3 - Can I have two separate subscriptions on both sites?

Yes, you can keep your old site subscription and also subscribe on the new Dinolingo as well. These two subscriptions will be billed separately. In this case you don't need to email us, you can just create a new account here

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