Switching from the old website to the new website

1- What is the difference between the old site and the new site?

  • The old site was released in 2018 on a Wordpress (WP) platform https://wp.dinolingo.com
  • The new site built on Angular platform. https://dinolingo.com released on Dec. 22 2021. The new site has more features and more content.

2- As an existing customer, do I have to switch to the new site?

No. All existing customers are able to use the old WP site until December 2022. 

3- But I want to register to the new site, when I register will my old account transfer?

No. The new site as a totally separate platform. No info will be transferred. You need to create a new account on the new site which is super easy.

4- Can I test the new site before subscribing?

Yes, you can create a free account here before you subscribe. 

5- Does the new site comes with a mobile app?

No. The mobile app is not available for the new site yet. We are hoping to release the mobile apps in mid 2022. If you are (your child) is an app user, please keep using the existing site, do not switch to the new site. 

6- If I pay to the new site, can I get a refund for the old site subscription?

Monthly Subscribers: 

NO refunds. Please cancel your monthly subscription on the old site. Then please subscribe to the new site. 

Annual Subscribers: 

For a refund, please subscribe and pay to the new site first, then email us your receipt. 

We will issue a partial pro-rated refund for your unused months for the old site, please allow 7 days for a refund. 

Email: Subject: Registering new site, canceling old site

I have just subscribed to Dinolingo's new website.

My email address on the new site is: xxx

My email address on the old site is: xxx

My language course(s): xxx

7- Can I keep my old subscription and and also register to the new site?

Yes, you can keep your old site subscriptions until Dec. 2022.

8- Do you have any discount, coupon or a promo code for the new site?

No, we do not have any discounts for the new site. The price is set for $99 per year / per language course. We do not have a discount for multi-language courses (2 or 3 languages). Create a free account here.

9- How do schools register to the new site?

The new site has a lot of new school features. Please email sales@dinolingo.com for a school subscription, and we will get back to you. 

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