Classwallet payments

Dinolingo is partnered with Classwallet. After your Classwallet order, please email us, see below.


Product Name: 1-Year Online Language Learning Subscription 

Price: $149.40 

  • Please note all pricing is displayed in USD. One time payment, will not renew. 
  • The cost is per language course, not for all languages. See here
  • W9 Form: Download here.

Thank you for choosing Dinolingo, if any questions, please email us at


After your classwallet order please email us, so we can create your account, see below.

Email Subject - Classwallet Order

I have just placed an order with classwallet, please create my account. 

My email: XXX

My name: XXX

Language course: XXX (i.e. Spanish, French, English, etc...)

Classwallet order id: XXX (i.e. 1234567)

Classwallet order date: XXX (i.e. 1/1/2022)

Please allow 24-48 hours. As soon as we complete your order we will email you. 

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