Teachers 1: How to add, edit, remove students?

  • Both the teacher admin account and the teacher account can add students. 
  • Please see video below; 
  • How to add students?
  • How to add assignments?
  • How to  monitor student's progress?
  • There are two different ways to add students. 
  • Bulk add (Recommended): Go to your Dashboard and click "Bulk Add Students". 

  • Enter student's name and a unique code. 
  • Example: Name: John Doe. The unique code can be: John1 OR  00001 OR Student ID# OR something complicated: CwVBxZ
  • Please note: The student will need to enter his/her unique code in order to login to the website or the app.

  • Or add one student at a time:
  • This is a longer process and not recommended. It is only used when there's a new student or students in the classroom.

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