Teachers 2: Student assignments and homework?

About Student Assignments: 

  • Assignments will be given to the whole classroom all in once. 
  • When students login, the assignments shown on their dashboard. 
  • Students can also access their assignments on their top menu. 
  • As soon as they complete the assignment, it will disappear from their dashboard.

Student Dashboard:

Video: How to add students, how to give assignments and more.

Student Top Menu: 


Both the  admin account and the teacher account can give assignments. 


  • On your Teacher Dashboard, go to "Lesson Plan"
  • Choose the Classroom on top menu (if you have multiple classrooms)
  • Then click on the green + icon to assign a homework or a classwork

  • Next, set a due date for your assignment. 

How to see the assignment reports?

  • On your Dashboard, go to "Progress Reports"
  • Select the Classroom on top (if you have multiple classrooms)
  • Click on "Detailed Reports" to see all assignments. 
  • Choose the assignment report you like to see.

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