Paypal payment subscription issues

Time to time our payment system is having problems with paypal cache. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

We would recommend; 

  1. Please wait a little and try to make a payment by using a credit-debit card instead of paypal. 
  2. If that's not possible, please clear your cache and try it again by using paypal. 

How to clear cache on chrome


You already have subscription in pending status by given plan, please wait 15 minutes while it activated.

You will see this error when the transaction times out on paypal.

Please now check your paypal account: 

  • 1 ) If the money has not been sent to Dinolingo, 

Wait 15-20 minutes, clear your cache and try to complete your purchase again.

  • 2) If money has been sent to Dinolingo:

Login to your Dinolingo dashboard, check to see if you have a subscription on your Subscriptions page

A) if you have a subscription, there is nothing wrong with the transaction, it went thru and you have access. 

B) If you do not have a subscription, please email us, so we can give you manual access. 

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