Dinolingo Purchase Order (PO)

We process purchase orders within 24 hours (except weekends and holidays).

Send all documents with Personally identifiable information (PII) directly to: administrator@dinolingo.com


Please do not send us first or last name of a child user. As this relates to Data Privacy, Dinolingo does not process or transfer a child user information into our systems so please do not send to us. We do need authorized parent's/caregivers information to process requests.

Dinolingo does not store payment information.

Once you have logged into your Dinolingo account, we encourage all users to change default passwords and user names as they prefer.

First Step: 

Please send your PO to administrator@dinolingo.com, on your Purchase Order make sure to add the following four items;

  1. Caregiver/Parent name: John Doe (this is used to authorize and issue invite to users)
  2. Caregiver/Parent email address: johndoe@gmail.com (this is used for subscription)
  3. Language course: Spanish
  4. Price: $149 / year per family (if received, use the quote for multiple students)

Please note: There is no additional tax or shipping. It's an annual fee of $149 / per family (no monthly or quarterly plans).

Second Step:

  • A) We create an account for the student and email them the information: how to login to our website. 
  • B) We create an invoice and email it to you

Last Step:

Please mail the payment within 30 days (net 30) to address below.

Our address for POs and checks: 

Dino Lingo Inc.

30 Broad St. 14TH FL. #1454

New York, NY 10004

Contact us if any questions at info@dinolingo.com.

*** Download Dinolingo W9 form here.

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