Charter School Ordering Process

Ordering process for the Charter schools is very straightforward. 

  1. Credit / Debit Card Purchases (Recommended)

You can purchase using a credit or a debit card on our website as a gift subscription.

Why gift: One time purchase, no auto-renewals. Priced $149.40 / year


Please go to our site and click "Buy as a gift" on the footer, or click here.

Step 2:

After your purchase, you will be directed to simple a form to enter the gift recipient's details. See form:

Step 3:

As soon as we receive your gift-form, we go ahead and create the student's account.

  • We email welcome email to the parent
  • We email delivery confirmation to you

  1. Purchase Order (PO)

Please note: When ordering via Purchase Order (PO), please diligently ensure that no details such as a child's name, email, parent's name, home address, or phone number are included. Thank you for adhering to this vital privacy guideline.

​To establish an order, we require only the following minimal, non-PII details:

1. Parent’s Email: To facilitate communication and send course-related information.

2. Desired Language Course: To customize the learning experience for the child.

  1. All language course orders are billed annually at a rate of $149 per language, per student.

Our information:

Dino Lingo Inc. 

30 Broad St. #1454 

New York, NY 10004

Download Dinolingo W9 form here.

Purchase Order (PO) process:

Email your PO to with the fields above. Please do NOT enter child's name, parent's name, child's email address and parent's mailing address. We only need two things; parent's email address and the language course.

  1. We will create an invoice and email it to you.
  2. We will create a subscription for the student and email them the login information.

Upon receiving the invoice, you can pay it online or send a check within 30 days (Net 30) to our address below.

p.s. Dinolingo only offers one year subscription packages for schools, no monthly or quarterly subscriptions available.

Go to our Stripe Customer Portal to see your previous invoices.

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