Insufficient Funds - Unsuccesful payments

Don't ignore the insufficient funds or unsuccessful payment alert emails. Update your payment info.

If you have an active subscription but your payment fails (due to reasons like payment failure or decline), our bank's automated system will continue to attempt the transaction. Each try will trigger an email alert to you.

To Maintain Your Subscription:

- Update your credit card information manually in the Customer Portal to reactivate your account.

- If a future payment attempt succeeds, your subscription will automatically become active again.

To Cancel Your Subscription:

- You must cancel it in the Customer Portal; otherwise, the automated system will continue to attempt payment, leading to eventual charges.

What Happens Next:

- If not canceled in time, charges will be applied once your payment method has sufficient funds.

- Even if you cancel during an insufficient funds period, the system may still process it as a pending charge.

For security, we don't store credit card details but use a third-party for processing, with access only to the card's last four digits.

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