Manage your Subscription (Billing)

Effortlessly manage all your Dinolingo billing requirements, including inquiries, payments, credit card updates, subscriptions, cancellations, and more, all in one convenient location. Your subscription is based on where you initially set it up:

1. Dinolingo website (most common subscription method): The majority of our customers subscribe through our website. If you fall into this category, please visit our Customer Portal. Simply enter your email address to receive a login linkā€”no password required.

2. Apple or Android Apps: If you have been billed by Apple or Google, then you subscribed to the app. If you don't see Dinolingo in your subscriptions list, most likely it's because you subscribed on our website, not on the app, in that case visit Customer Portal. If you are an app subscriber, go to your mobile device's Settings, navigate to Subscriptions, and select Dinolingo. Follow the detailed instructions on iOS, and Android.

3. PayPal: If your payments are made through PayPal, log in to your PayPal account and cancel directly using your email address and password.


I don't see Dinolingo app on my mobile device:

It's likely because you subscribed on our website rather than through the app. Most of our customers follow this route, registering on our website and then downloading the free app afterward. In this case, please visit our Customer Portal to cancel.

I entered my email address on the Customer Portal but did not receive a login link.

Option 1: If you only finished the first step of registration on our website without providing payment details in the second step, your subscription is incomplete, and your account is inactive. No need to cancel as it will be deleted automatically at a later date.

Option 2: If you also completed the second step, providing payment information or being charged: It's possible that you used a different email address or made a typo during sign-up. Please carefully fill out our billing issues form for assistance in locating your subscription.

I did not receive a cancellation email: 

After canceling your subscription on our website or paypal, expect an email. If no email is received, your subscription is still active. If you don't receive an email after canceling or if you are unable to cancel, please fill out our billing issues form here. Please see our No Refund policy here.


To activate or re-activate your inactive subscription, please Login to your account and Click here to pick a plan. Next, you will be directed to our shopping cart.

Still have a question? Read below:

I thought I canceled but I was charged?

If you did not receive an email, it was not canceled. If you received a cancellation confirmation email after your cancellation, please read below.

1. You might have multiple subscriptions linked to different email addresses. Please check other email addresses.

2. If the bank initially failed to process a charge due to insufficient funds, it might have completed the transaction later, even after your attempt to cancel the subscription.

I thought this was a one time charge not a subcription

At Dinolingo, our service is based on a subscription model, renews monthly or yearly, as clearly stated on our checkout page, our emails and throughout our site.

I forgot to cancel. Can I still get a refund?

No, please see our No Refund Policy.

Dinolingo Stripe Customer Portal:

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