I signed up but cannot login

If you just signed up but can't login, or did not receive a welcome email, either there was a typo on your email or there was an internet connection interruption during the checkout process, so the system did not register fully. 

In this case please contact us and we will manually assign you an access. Please include your email address, the date of the transaction and the language course. 

I can login on the website but can't login on the app

If you are able to login on our website but cannot login through the mobile app, it means there is a compatibility or an internet or a sync issue with the tablet or the phone. 
Sync Issue:
Please first delete the app, then clear your phone's cache, then restart the phone and and re-download the app. Hopefully this will solve the sync issue. 

Internet Issue:

Please check your internet connection, as our app requires a good internet connection. 

Compatibility Issue:
Please note that our app works on most devices with the latest software, which unfortunately may not work on older devices. We apologize for the inconvenience.