Cannot Login to my account, it doesn't recognize my email address

We have two separate websites, new and old, both websites are active. See below. 

  • During login, if you see this message: "Your session had expired / user is undefined" then most likely your account is on the old site.  
    I SUBSCRIBED IN 2022 or 2023: Your account is on our New Website 
    1. Website: Login to your account here,
    2. New IOS app: Download here
    3. New Android app: Download here


    I SUBSCRIBED IN 2014 to 2021: Your account is on our Old Website

    1. Website: Login to your account here
    2. Old IOS app: Download here
    3. Old Android app: Download here
  • If you have a yearly subscription on the old site and like to switch to the new site 1) Just create an account here: 2) but do not enter your billing info. 3) Email us when done and we will grant you access for the new site.

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