How much does Dinolingo cost?

NEW Website (released Dec. 2021)

Annual Subscription: $99 a year / per language course. (Comes to $8.25 a month)

No Monthly subscriptions. 

Schools & teachers: Please get a quote here


OLD Website (discontinued 12/22/2021)

Our OLD WEBSITE subscription costs (Signed up before Dec. 22 2021)

Monthly subscription: $19.99 a month

Annual Subscription: $119 a year (Comes to $9.99 a month)

Gift Subscription: $119 a year (Comes to $9.99 a month)

Full License Subscription: $299 a year (All 50 languages)

School subscription (discontinued 12/22/2021)

Classroom license for 25 students: $299 a year

For 50, 100, 500, 1,000 or more students, request a school quote here

App pricing (per language course)

Monthly subscription only: $19.99 a month per language. Subscribe here on the app store

Payment types: 

ACCEPTED VIA WEBSITE:  Credit, debit cards, and PayPal 

ALTERNATIVE METHODS OF PAYMENT: Checks, Wire Transfers, PayPal Transfers. 

Please contact us first before sending a PayPal transfer or mailing checks.

WITE TRANSFERS: Please contact us directly for our bank information

CHECKS MAIL TO Dino Lingo Inc. 30 Broad St. 14 FL #1454 New York, NY 10004

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