Switch from Monthly to Yearly, Annual Subscriptions. How to?


Dinolingo offers three types subscription plans for families. The content and the features are the same in all plans. You can cancel or switch between the plans at anytime. You can also add different language plans as well. 

You can't have two plans for the same language course at the same time (Like Spanish monthly + Spanish yearly). First you must cancel your existing plan to subscribe to a new plan. 

  1. Go to your subscriptions page and Cancel your plan (monthly or yearly). 
  2. Now click "Subscribe to more language courses here". Find your language course and select your new plan. 

However you can have multi plans for multi languages (Spanish monthly, French yearly, Italian monthly, Japanese yearly, etc). Just click " Subscribe to more language courses here". Find your new language course and select your new plan at anytime. 

You will get a 7-Day Free trial for your first language course and for your new plan, but you will not get a 7-day free trial each time you change your plan or add a new language course. 


  • $14.95 / Monthly / per language
  • $149.00 / Yearly / per language (Save $30)
  • $449.00 / Yearly / All languages (Save more)

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