How to lock or unlock, skip activities, lessons?

What is locked and unlocked feature?

We have been in business since 2010. Some parents like free play while some prefers more strict program. 

Locked: From beginning to the end a child should be able to start and finish the complete course without a guidance from a parent. 

Unlocked: There is no strict plan; all activities, videos, games and lessons are open and easily accessible by the child. The child can skip to any lesson without completing the previous lesson or even can skip ten, twenty lessons. 

If you see this text: "This activity is locked. Please complete all previous activities to unlock it." then you have two ways to unlock. 

1 - Finish all the activities before the locked activity, also make sure all tests are over 90% success. 

2 - Or go to your Dashboard (top right) and unlock all activities at once. (See below)

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