How to complete the activities?

  • On the map the logic is very simple and straightforward. 
  • Click on the first activity (Animals 1), complete it, go to the next, and repeat. 
  • Alternatively the Lesson plan (top left) can be used as well.
  • Children earn rewards like dinosaurs, stars, points, trophies after each activity.

Language lessons: Inspire children to speak a second language while watching fun videos and cartoons.

Language games: Encourage children to repeat words and phrases while earning surprise awards.

Language books: Motivate children to read the beginner and advanced level stories.

Language worksheets and flashcards: Help kids to learn the basics for writing and reading.

There are also tons of supplementary educational content such as songs, stories, posters, etc... 

Next Unit;

Rewards after each activity;

What is what on the map?

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