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  • Billing Questions: If you are a customer, we can only find your account by searching your email address. If your email address had a typo or if you don't remember which email address you used when registering, please provide alternative email addresses or give us more information to find your account, such as; your name, last name, language course, transaction date, transaction amount, last 4 digits of your credit card, etc...
  • Technical Issues: Please explain the problem in detail and add a screenshot. Most technical problems are related to the internet speed as Dinolingo website and app require a good internet connection. In order for us to test the problem, please tell us what device and browser you're using. Our website works with all browsers and it is very fast with google chrome. 
  • Grammatical or audio errors: Please explain the problem in detail and add a screenshot. Example: Malay language / Fruit 1 Game / image of an "apple" shown but the audio says "pear". Or instead of "apple" the text says "an appel" there is a typo, etc.


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  • Please note; our team is based in New York City. Our work hours are Monday to Friday (9am-5pm EST). We receive 100+ emails/day. Someone should get back to you within 24 hours (except weekends and bank holidays).

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