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    We have two separate websites and apps, new and old, both websites/apps are active. See below. 

    I SUBSCRIBED IN 2022: Your account is on our New Website 
    1. Website: Login to your account here,
    2. New IOS app: Download here
    3. New Android app: Download here


    I SUBSCRIBED LAST YEAR OR BEFORE: Your account is on our Old Website

    1. Website: Login to your account here
    2. Old IOS app: Download here
    3. Old Android app: Download here

    Please note: The new website/app and the old website/app are totally different. They are not related in any way. If you have the old website/app subscription you won't be able to login to the new website/app or vice versa. 

    • You can only subscribe on the website and use the same login email and password on the app.
    • All settings below are on the website (not on the app).
    • Add, remove users
    • Add, remove languages
    • Change user's avatars
    • Change user's ages
    • Lock or unlock lessons, activities
    • Change time zones
    • Reset progress reports
    • And much more
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