How to use the program, what is the map?

How do kids learn?

  • On Dinolingo, children learn languages by watching videos and playing games. 
  • We use the immersion method; children see the object and hear the audio at the same time, there is translations or confusions.

  • The map logic is very simple and straightforward; Click on the first egg, watch the video and go to the next activity, complete the game and go to the next activity, etc. After a couple of activities, it becomes a routine.
  • After each activity, children earn rewards like dinosaurs, stars, points, trophies.
  • Alternatively, for older children the lesson plan can be used for more challenging activities, worksheets, flashcards, posters etc.

What is what on the map?

    • Spanish: Language course(s)
    • Lesson plan: All units and activities
    • Coin *: Total points
    • Dinosaur: Amount of completed tests 
    • Reward: Achievements
    • Sam: Username / Avatar
    • Profile icon: Dashboard (Edit users, subscriptions, languages, settings, reports, and much more)


    • Animals 1: Unit name
    • Colored eggs: Available activities
    • Gray eggs: Locked activities
    • Orange arrow: Next / Previous unit


    • Starfish: Alternative background
    • Sound icon: Background music
    • Bug icon: Report a problem
    • 1 of 71: Total number of units

Reward example after a test:

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